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Why Testing and Process Automation

  • 16 Nov 2023
  • 11:00 AM

In this upcoming webinar, we will delve into the world of test automation capabilities and how they can profoundly impact your testing procedures. Discover how these capabilities can streamline your testing processes, elevate the overall quality of your applications, and significantly curtail the expenses tied to manual testing.

Whether you are a seasoned testing professional or just embarking on your journey into the realm of test automation, this webinar promises to furnish you with invaluable insights. Prepare to elevate your software testing expertise to new heights with the knowledge and strategies shared during this event.

Key Highlights:

Access to Experts: Engage with specialists during Q&A or panel discussions. Get personalized answers and a deeper understanding of the tool.

Product Knowledge: Get an in-depth at testing tools and how they can cater to your testing needs.

Best Practices: Obtain insights on test automation best practices, from test design to execution and reporting. Maximize your testing efficiency and results.

Ariel García | Co-Founder - Qualis Lab

Ariel García is a specialist in quality and processes with a profound commitment to customer satisfaction.

Throughout the years of experience in this exciting field, he had the privilege of working across diverse organizations and industries, where learned the paramount importance of quality as a foundational pillar for business success. His primary focus has always been customer satisfaction, understanding that they shape our purpose and drive us to exceed their expectations.

His skills and knowledge span process management, continuous improvement, and the implementation of effective quality practices. I firmly believe in the significance of measuring, analyzing, and optimizing processes to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services.


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