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Upcoming events

    • 27 Feb 2024
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom (more info when register)

    Come find out how to make the most of your ATCC community. You will be able to virtually meet our Chamber's leadership team and other members who recently joined the ATCC.

    Each attendee will have the opportunity to introduce him/her company/project and know further about the chamber and its activities, committees, and chapters.

    • 29 Feb 2024
    • 11:00 AM

    In this insightful webinar, we delve into advanced statistical techniques to identify the key factors that drive revenue. Join us as we uncover how to make smarter business choices, tailored to maximize your company's growth and success. Whether you're aiming to refine your marketing approach or seeking ways to optimize your investments, this session will provide you with the tools and knowledge to propel your business forward.

    Benefits and Key Takeaways:

    Optimize Your Marketing Plan: Learn how to fine-tune your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

    Maximize Revenue: Uncover the secrets to boosting your bottom line.

    Design a Measurement Plan: Develop a robust framework to answer critical business questions and track your success.

    Matias Sabra | Founder - STATOPTIMA

    Degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires.

    More than 12 years of experience in the analytical marketing industry.

    Matias Sabra have led teams for multiple companies and carried out projects for clients both in the retail and non-traditional sector, such as telecommunications, oil and gas and banking.

    • 5 Mar 2024
    • (UTC-03:00)
    • 9 Apr 2024
    • (UTC-03:00)
    • 6 sessions
    • Online

    La Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce (ATCC) lanza la quinta versión del curso de entrenamiento "Internacionalización de PYMES – Ingreso al mercado estadounidense".

    Este esquema de Globalización de PyMES pretende proveer sabiduría y recursos para que las empresas argentinas de pequeña y mediana escala de variados campos consigan integrarse efectivamente en el mercado de EE. UU., reduciendo los impedimentos iniciales.

    Inicio5 de Marzo de 2024

    Finalización16 de Abril de 2024

    ModalidadWebinars de 1 hora de duración

    Frecuencia: Semanal, martes 11:00 AM (ARG)

    Duración7 semanas

    DestinatariosPropietarios, directores y gerentes de empresas

    Las instrucciones para acceder al programa estan dentro del email de registracion


    • 5 de Marzo - Programas de Promocion - USA
      Internacionalización de empresas en los Estados Unidos; Programa de Promoción de Inversiones: Select USA.

      Marcelo Amden y Eric Olson
    • 12 de Marzo - Logistica Internacional
      Aspectos generales en logística mundial y en Argentina. Importación y Exportación - Claves para generar valor.
      Marcela Frattini, Natalia Muguerza, y Guillermo E. Grimoldi
    • 19 de Marzo - Guía de Negocios en Texas
      Cuestiones societarias e impositivas fundamentales a considerar en el proyecto de internacionalización.
      Oscar Mary
    • 26 de Marzo - Estructura y Requerimientos Impositivos para Negocios InternacionalesPrincipales aspectos impositivos a considerar en un negocio con empresas extranjeras. Cómo prepararse para un due dilligence contable y fiscal.
      Santiago Carnicero
    • 9 de Abril - Programas de Promoción - Argentina
      Internacionalización de empresas de Argentina; Programa de Promoción de Inversiones en comercio Intenacional de la Republica Argentina
      Alejandro Garcia y Nicolas Quintana
    • 16 de Abril - Visa de Inversión y Negocios
      Programa de visas para inversores que otorga el gobierno de Estados Unidos.
      Diego Galer y Mariano Hasperué

    • 7 Mar 2024
    • 12 Mar 2024
    • Texas



    In recent years, Texas has experienced rapid growth as a tech hub, driven by factors like a lower cost of living, favorable tax policies, and a skilled workforce. The state hosts major tech players and a vibrant startup scene, fostering a dynamic culture of innovation and entrepreneurship with frequent networking events and hackathons.

    Argentina has ascended to become a key tech hub in Latin America over the past decade. With headquarters of major companies and successful startups, the nation leverages its top talent, cost competitiveness, cultural affinities, and advantageous time zones to serve the Western Hemisphere. The vibrant entrepreneurial community in Argentina aligns with the thriving tech scene in Texas.

    The upcoming SXSW event serves as a unique opportunity for both regions to collaborate, exhibit innovation, and explore new avenues for growth.

    Embark on a 6-day Trade Mission to Texas, delving into the vast business and collaboration prospects between Argentine and Texan tech enterprises. Join us in this exploration of partnership opportunities that transcend borders and propel innovation.



    ATCC’s Houston Chapter Welcome Cocktail
    Date: Thursday, March 7
    Time: 6 to 8 pm
    Details: Network with ATCC’s Houston Chapter members and key partners.

    SXSW International Founders in the US Event
    Date: Friday, March 8
    Time: 5 to 7.30 pm
    Location: Austin, TX TBD
    Details: Attend our SXSW 2024 warm-up event with global tech experts and investors.

    SXSW CONFERENCE (tech track)
    Dates: March 8 – 12
    Website: SXSW Conference
    Agenda: The Delegation Team will craft an agenda to optimize business opportunities.
    Recommendation: Prioritize the conference's initial four days (Friday 8 – Tuesday 12) for the software track.

    Mirá el webinar donde explicamos la misión


    SXSW Trade Mission Package Includes:

    • ATCC’s Houston Chapter Welcome Cocktail (March 7)
    • SXSW International Founders in the US Event (March 8)
    • SXSW Conference Interactive Pass (March 8 – 12)
    • Access to the ATCC platform to maximize business opportunities through the Trade Mission

    Early Bird (until January 19)

    USD $1.600 – Members / Partners
    USD $1.900 – Non-Members

    January 20 - February 7

    USD $1.800 – Members / Partners
    USD $2.150 - Non Members

    USD $5.000

    Includes logo in the marketing package + 6 tickets + banner on each ATCC exclusive event
    (SXSW International Founders in the US Event + ATCC’s Houston Chapter Welcome Cocktail)

    Supporting Organizations

    • 14 Mar 2024
    • 11:00 AM

    Join us as we delve into how AI is fast becoming an essential tool for innovation across all sectors. This webinar goes beyond the surface-level excitement to reveal how AI can not only enhance business processes but also contribute to significant cost efficiencies. You'll hear from industry experts on the latest technical approaches for building and deploying AI solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and secure. This is an unmissable opportunity to understand how AI can be rapidly implemented within your enterprise to drive growth.

    Key Benefits and Takeaways:

    Practical Applications: Discover how AI can be effectively used for optimizing business processes and sparking innovation.

    Integration Strategies: Learn about the seamless integration of AI into various industry operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

    Strategic Investments: Gain insights into making informed and strategic investments in AI, pivotal for business success.

    Zubair Talib | Partner - Soko

    Zubair is a Partner and AI Expert at Soko Solutions, where he combines his passion for technological innovation with extensive experience in leading diverse and talented teams in AI and software development. Zubair's background is marked by entrepreneurial technology leadership, emphasizing innovative product strategy - particularly in conversational and Voice AI, Generative AI, and Large Language Models.
    • 21 Mar 2024
    • 11:00 AM

    Join our insightful webinar on AI and Ethics, where we'll explore key topics such as the principles of AI ethics, its impacts, risks of misuse, and regulatory guidelines. We'll also discuss AI's role in driving innovation and its broader societal effects. This session aims to provide a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the ethical challenges in our advancing technological landscape.

    Key Benefits and Takeaways:

    In-Depth Knowledge: Gain insights into AI ethics, understanding both its beneficial impacts and potential risks.

    Regulatory Acumen: Learn about the current guidelines and principles governing AI use and development.

    Societal Awareness: Appreciate AI's role in innovation and its broader effects on society.

    Rodolfo Viola | Director - Reliable Generation Consulting

    MBA (Chadwick University, Alabama - USA) and CPA (UBA - Argentina).

    +35 years career managing different areas in different companies in different countries like Argentina, US, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.

    Worked in industries like M&A, Consultancy, Financial Services, Retail, Oil & Gas, Health Care, Insurance, Pharmaceutical working for IT, Operations and Finance areas.

    • 5 May 2024
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Petroleum Club of Houston 1201 Louisiana St. 35th Floor Houston, TX 77002

    Join us at this event to warm up for the OTC.

    Enjoy complimentary craft beers, delicious hors d’oeuvres.

    200 executives, entrepreneurs, and public officials all across the world sharing business opportunities.

    Mingle and start networking right away!

    When: Sunday, May 5

    Time: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

    WherePetroleum Club of Houston
    1201 Louisiana St. 35th Floor Houston, TX 77002

    Dress Code: Business Casual

    Tickets includes complementary drinks (craft beer and non-alcoholic beverages) and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

    Parking not included

    Early Bird

    $100 - Members / Partners
    $120 - Non-members

    After April 28th

    $120 - Members
    $140 - Non-members

    Walks in




    Supporting Organizations


    Diamond- 60 tickets + Mini Booth + Logo in event marketing package

    Platinum - 30 tickets + Mini Booth + Logo in event marketing package 

    Gold - 15 tickets + Mini Booth + Logo in event marketing package 

    Silver - 6 Tickets + Mini Booth + Logo in event marketing package

    Bronze - 3 Tickets + Mini booth + Logo in event marketing package


    Bronze sponsor - $700

    Silver sponsor - $1,700

    Gold sponsor - $4,000

    Platinum - $8,000

    Diamond - $25.000


    Bronze sponsor - $1.000

    Silver sponsor - $2,000

    Gold sponsor - $5,000

    Platinum - $10.000

    Diamond - $27.000

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10 Jul 2018 Networking Event with the delegation of Trade and Investment Mission of the Province of Santa Fe-Argentina
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27 Jun 2018 AmCham Webinar – Investment opportunities in Argentina (Telecommunications - Minister Ibarra)
26 Jun 2018 AmCham Webinar – Investment opportunities in Argentina (Mining - Secretary Meilan)
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7 Jun 2018 US Chapter Luncheon "Argentina: First Offshore E&P Tender Tests Pro-Investment Reforms
24 May 2018 Celebration of Argentina-Texas Ties ATCC - 2nd Anniversary
4 May 2018 Schlumberger Data Technology Center Visit


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